Account Management

Payments Reconciliation

Payment reconciliation helps keep a track of business expenses and income. As a part of your online work family, we keep a top of expenditures and inflow and is simply a cross-check method for a better tomorrow. Under this role, we at WebDaksha, maintains date-wise documentation of expenses, through an established system and it is also a method of bookkeeping that compares internally logged financial records with bank statements to ensure accounting is correct.   If you are wondering why it is important, let us tell you that payment reconciliation gives you a strong sense of financial health in the form of a snapshot. The managed records and detailed analysis can help prevent overdraft fees, bounced checks, and show patterns of spending and cash inflow, which can be useful in operational plans.

Monthly Audit & Sales Report

We at WebDaksha expertise in numbers and know how to handle them with care to boost your business. Our team of excelled Chartered Accountants and financial advisors prepare and keep track of your monthly audit and sales report and prepare a plan of action that focuses on the distribution of the sales process, including current distributor contracts and compliance, credit memo over a six-month period or every quarter, internal processes for validating distributors’ credit memo claims. The overall objective is to evaluate internally control effectiveness/efficiency, identify areas for improvements and provide you with an analysis scorecard of the company’s practices against the industry’s best practices.

P/L Report

As guardian of your business,  our team of experts prepare a monthly profit and loss report (P/L Report) or quarterly as demanded by you to give a clear view of each profit center and along with that report we also analyze and present the tentative reasons for losses and guidelines regarding areas of improvement. The internal P&L reports have a lot more detail about sources of sales and the components of cost of goods sold expense. And this detailed information is prepared for the management to control costs focus on the particular items being bought by the business and so on.

Quarterly Analysis Report

As your financial advisor for the business, our team also expertise in preparing quarterly analysis report, which is a collection of unaudited financial statements, such as balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow statements of the business. This cumulative report also provides year-to-date and comparative results for you to understand the areas of improvement. We are punctual and accurate and we make sure that the reports are prepared and submitted within a few weeks of a quarter’s end, so that you get enough time to chalk out the financial plans for the next quarter.