Brand Launch

Launch Services


We at WebDaksha understand your dream of being a successful and profitable e-commerce market player and to define your route of success, we indulge in all sorts of activities and practices that can help you grow in the dynamic market. In this process, the most important aspect is your visibility in the e-commerce marketplaces. E-commerce marketplaces are information technology companies that act as intermediaries by connecting buyers and sellers. We help in launching your products and services on the online marketplace, where you as a seller can publish your product offering with a price and information about the product’s features and qualities and potential customers can search and browse goods, compare the price and quality, and then purchase the goods directly from the seller.

Ad Management Services


Ad Manager is an effective and powerful tool that helps drive traffic and users to your business. We at WebDaksha take charge of your digital advertisement that saves your time and expenditure, ensures control over target audiences, and also minimizes the risk of failure. We expertise in offering impactful advertisement even on a medium budget, where we plan, create and launch campaigns within minutes and grab the eyeballs of the target audience instantly, without gathering multiple resources in one place. Our effective services provide you wider reach across all online channels, cost-effective means to tap new customers, gives you complete control  offers highly accurate targeting, flexible implementation, and most importantly result-driven approach.

Sales & planning on all
B2C & B2B

The success rate of any business is directly proportional to sales and profit margin. And our team of sales experts and market analysts become the protective shield of your business on the e-commerce platforms and plan the blueprint of sales in a Business-to-customer and Business-to-business framework. We make it a cost-effective affair keeping the growth and goodwill of the brand in mind. We approach, plan, prepare, and execute the sales proposals on your behalf in the e-commerce marketplace, which helps increase your sustainability in the market and at the same time creates the much-needed buzz for a powerful future in the e-commerce business world.