Catalogue Management

 Listing & Cataloging

In the e-commerce market, where you are willing to sell products and services, product listing and cataloging is a necessary step across any marketplace. It’s an ongoing process of creating a webpage that displays the product line and it’s the place from where the customer reviews the product and makes the buying decision, depending upon how clear and descriptive you are about your products and services. We make sure that every minute details of every aspect of your products and services are mentioned to make the customer believe in your brand. Our team of content specialists describes the details so efficiently and accurately that the customer can sense the purposes and benefits. Everything is drafted with a view that customer cannot touch & feel the products, so the customer solely relies on the product listing, and we make sure that the virtual experience persuades him/her to build a long term bond with the brand.

Photo Shoot Management

A picture is worth a thousand words and our team of professional photographers proofs it with their skills that help in projecting your products right. We offer normal product tabletop photography, shiny product tabletop photography, male model product photography, female model product photography, product image complete editing, product image resizing, catalogue product shoot and more. Every brand and product has a story and we love to narrate it through images and expertise in managing photoshoots, which involves arranging location, stylist, makeup artist, accessories, and so on. 

Order processing

shopping online is easy, but waiting for the delivery often makes people impatient. We at WebDaksha stand as a one-stop space to view and manage all customer orders in one place. The art of order processing helps you keep away from overstocking and under-stocking, involves fewer mistakes on fulfilling orders, and also helps in collecting reliable information that helps you make data-driven decisions, and involves less wastage of items. Our order processing service involves, scrutinize the placed order, receiving, picking, packaging, shipping, and delivering. We also keep constant contact with loyal customers can help you figure out why people keep coming back to your online store and how you can increase the lifetime value of each customer.

 Return Management / SPF claims


We understand that customers are supreme, but we also know that protecting you as a seller is our duty. We represent you as a family and take care of Seller Protection Fund (SPF), which ensures sellers against various online frauds like product damage, return damage. We also take care of your return management in the marketplaces. In this process, we are involved in activities associated with returns, reverse logistics, gatekeeping, and avoidance. We channelize the process of how the returns management process can be implemented, its sub-processes and associated activities, and the interfaces with corporate functions, other supply chain management processes.