Website Design Prototyping

Unistar is a footwear manufacturing company that puts its heart into what they do. Unistar works for its people and their requirements. Unistar provides a wide range of footwear to meet your every need and they take an extra step to ensure customer satisfaction. This Website Design project is to showcase unstar products with all relevant information that satisfies customers before making a decision. 

This project is compatible with all devices (Mobile, Desktop, Laptop & Tablets) to give users a better experience.   

Style & Concepts

This Unistar India website represents the brand.  We have used  Famita – Minimalist WooCommerce WordPress Theme With WooCommerce and some other popular plugins. The logo, color, and typography would remain the same but the overall design will be updated as you start scrolling the website. 

We make sure the site is user-friendly and easy to navigate and users can find products easily.

Bringing it all together

Unistar India is an eCommerce website that showcases all the products. we have created two categories one for MEN or another for WOMEN. Each category contents (Sneakers, Sports Shoes, Casual Shoes, and Sandals-Floaters)

For better user experience we have created a sidebar filter with Sort By, Color, Size, Price, Category. With this sidebar, users can filter products according to their requirements.