What is an E-commerce growth hack?

An E-commerce growth hack is a technique that helps a business to accelerate its growth on E-commerce platforms. These hacks are a little bit time-consuming, but they are perfect for those who want to work hard and smart to see a skyrocketing consumer conversation rate.

To get started, here are 18 simple growth hacks for your business:

1. Use a title with SEO

The first and the most important hack is to create a title with SEO. Using a perfect title with SEO gives you an influx of relevant visitors you can market to and turn into customers.

Moreover, the title should be eye-catchy as well engaging for your brand. It is a tried and true method to generate leads.

2. Live chat function

Live chat helps you to be present whenever a customer needs support. This function can consistently deliver new leads to your e-commerce business. It can also help you support and build better relations with your existing customers.

3. Answer FAQs

Providing answers to all important questions on a single page allows customers to easily find everything they need to make a purchasing decision. If you want them to spend money on your products, then you have to instill trust in them, which can be done when you solve their customer’s doubts. It’s a tactic that attracts your customers.

4. Less loading time

When your site loads at a snail’s pace, your customer loses interest in it. Do you know what a delay of a few seconds can do?

According to Google, most visitors leave the site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. So, keep checking the performance of your website because less loading time spurs a customer to show interest in your website.

5. Comparison guides

How will your customers know that you’re offering them a great deal?

Use psychology in your pricing by showing them the product’s original price and then the discounted price. By comparing both the prices, they can get attracted to your product.

6. Focus on generating genuine customer reviews, case studies, and testimonials

When your existing customer shares their positive response on your website, it also influences customers to check out your brand. Testimonials, customer reviews, and case studies help keep your social proof strong. Make your customer feel confident about their decision to trust your brand.

7. Guest blogs

Don’t write promotional blogs. Write interesting and influencing blogs because your blogs should help you connect with new audiences for your business. Instead of selling your product directly, sell the problems related to your product.

18. Trust badges

A great way to get your customers to start talking about your brand is to associate trust badges with your business. This is one of the simplest yet effective ways to build trust in your customers and attract them to your brand.

9. Short and crisp Checkout page

Do you know that most customers abandon the checkout page because of the complicated fields and lengthy procedures?

A checkout form should be as easy and simple as a walk in the park. So try to add limited and relatable fields. If you want to increase your conversion or have a quicker sale, you can also add a guest checkout option and take the stress out of submitting lengthy forms.

10. Send thank you cards as a gesture

Every customer appreciates extra efforts, and these efforts help your customers connect with your brand. Getting new customers and customer retention is also a crucial part of growing a business, and thank you cards help you do so.

11. Give discounts on reference

Giving returning customers shopping rewards, like referral discounts, encourage them to make additional purchases and influence their peers to purchase from your brand. It prompts customers to log in to the app to gain access to the referral code.

12. Buy again E-mail

It is a common saying that old is gold, so always value your existing customers. Repeat orders by targeting existing customers and introducing loyalty schemes to buy again, such as free gifts, no shipping charges, or additional discounts.

13. Take follow-ups

To keep your customers engaged even after the sale is complete, you should take constant follow-ups from them. Customer feedback is a great way to know their reviews and expectations from you.

14. Cross-sell and up-sell

By cross-selling, you can increase your cart value by encouraging your customer to purchase additional complimentary items. Display similar products, accessories, or upgrades so that you can influence your customer’s decision to upgrade their purchase.

15. Targeting ads

To increase click-through rates and to get interactive ads, you can use an ad extension. This helps your ad stand out above other basic ads. Implement this to increase your customers because the right ad methods carry significant weight for a business.

16. Create an Urgency to fuel sales

It is human psychology that almost every person has a FOMO to stay with the trend in this competitive world. So, take advantage of this feeling and create a sense of urgency by showing how much inventory is left or giving a temporary offer. You can also use a countdown timer to create urgency.

17. Seasonal campaigns

Another great hack is to launch seasonal campaigns and get more organic traffic. Many buyers eagerly wait for seasonal offers and festive discounts like summer sales, flash Holi sales, and many more, so don’t forget to take advantage of these opportunities. Influence them to buy with a seasonal store campaign and by adding special festive gifts for them.

18. Birthday offer

Don’t just disappear after the sale is completed; customer interaction is a key to a successful business. No matter what your age is, when someone remembers your birthday, you do feel special. Introduce special offers and codes for birthdays to turn eyeballs toward your brand.

Being a successful growth hacker means trying different techniques to know what’s best suitable for their business. Some businesses prefer to do these hacks on their own, while others hire a growth marketer or an entire team that can run experiments to improve your E-commerce conversions.

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