eCommerce Consulting

Struggling with an eCommerce concern? Webdaksha’s team of expert consultants is determined enough to solve them all for you.

Brand store audit

We at Webdaksha diligently work towards helping your brand grow and maintain an upright social media presence. We prioritize the brand’s effectiveness by continuous examination of their online product display and placements. We help you maintain all aspects of your store presence through our advanced technologies and services ensuring you the best results.

Performance marketing Audit

Assessment of a brand’s performance is one of the most crucial steps in maintaining a brand. Through a performance marketing audit, we help you generate the most revenue for the highest return on investment. With this, we make sure that you don’t miss any opportunities and continuously analyze your channels, software, and tools to ensure that we provide you with quick wholesale improvements.

Onboarding and migration

Data is extremely important to every business in today’s digital world. It is a correct measure to understand and evaluate a customer-business relationship. Data onboarding is what helps in collecting all the customer data from not only offline sources but also from digital marketing applications and CRM platforms to ensure accurate analysis. We at Webdaksha, are equipped enough to help you at all stages of this process.

    Industry best practices

    If you are looking for a place for all your eCommerce needs, Webdaksha is the perfect place for you. We have a dedicated team of professionals who develop an efficient result-oriented action plan with accuracy and correct strategic planning to help your business reach heights and create an impeccable mark in the industry.

    Funnel improvement

    Funnel improvement is a very important tool that helps businesses visualize and understand their online path of success. We at webdaksha ensure to be your partner through every aspect of this funnel. Through this tool, you would be efficient enough in understanding where you are losing your customers and then implement new tactics to help your project be cost-efficient.

      Brand Launch

      Turning your dream into reality! Our team of professionals is here to help you launch and maintain your dream brand.

      Launch Services

      To build a successful and a profitable brand in the eCommerce market, it is essential to develop a strong visibility for the brand. We at Webdaksha helps to bridge the gap between sellers and buyers by adopting practices that help your brand grow and launch products and services that directly attract the seller.

      Ad Management Services

      Advertisements prove out to be a very helpful tool while driving new audiences to the business platforms. We at webdaksha , ensure to provide you impactful ad services according to your budget and help you launch campaigns that instantly drive audience engagement towards the brand and its products and services.

      Sales & planning on all B2C & B2B

      Both sales and profit margins are important parameters to define the success rate of any business. Webdaksha has a defined team of sales experts and market analysts that help businesses plan their sales on B2C and B2B platforms. We help you plan, prepare and execute sales proposals to ensure your brand’s sustainable place in the market.

        Catalogue Management

        Helping you perfect all aspects of your business management, we help you create the right catalog and listings for your brand’s products and services

        Listing & Cataloging

        Once a business gets onboard at a marketplace, Listing and cataloging mark an extremely crucial step to proceed further. It is through this step that a, a customer forms a thoughtful decision to buy or not to buy a product or service, therefore, our team at Webdaksha ensures that we effectively list all your products and services, taking all minute details into account and ensure that we provide an influential virtual experience to the customer that persuades him /her to buy that product.

        Photo Shoot Management

        High-quality and optimal photographs tend to attract more customers to the listed products. Since a customer cannot touch or feel a product online, photographs give them a virtual idea of the product and become a deciding factor for its sale. To ensure that, our team of professional photographers extend their services to the brand by providing them both normal and shiny tabletop photography, male and female model photography, complete editing of product images and image resizing, catalog photoshoots and so much more.

        Order processing

        Providing a good shopping experience to a customer should be the primary focus of a brand, we at Webdaksha help you achieve that. We help you manage and view all your customer orders in one place so that you don’t under or overstock your products and form data-driven decisions and minimize any wastage. We help brands at every step of the process from picking, shipping, and delivering the product to ensure a smooth and hassle-free customer experience .

          Channel Management

          A marketplace is where it all happens! We make sure to help you with every aspect of it!

          Channel Management

          Channel management helps to enhance a business and has a positive impact on a business ‘ visibility and sales. Webdaksha has a pool of Google-certified professionals that provide a 24*7 virtual support service and gives end-to-end solutions to all your eCommerce problems. We help your brand reach multiple marketplaces including Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, and other leading platforms

          Multi-Channel Inventory Management

          Multi-channel inventory management ensures the correct and effective functioning of a brand. Inventories are extremely crucial to a brand and its strategic management is what ensures a strong customer experience. Our Webdaksha team specializes in maintaining the inventory data and keeping the stock levels up to date. We ensure that none of the products are expired, damaged, or lost so that your business always has an upper edge in the competitive market.

          Content Creation

          While creating content at Webdaksha, we always ensure that it is useful, attractive, and authentic. we aim at creating and maintaining customer engagement that brings more leads than traditional marketing techniques. We follow an intricate process of brainstorming ideas, content planning, developing strategies, analyzing, and using adequate content tools to provide you the best services and customer reach.

            Report & Analysis

            Are Numbers and figures leaving you confused all the time? We help you keep track of all your brand’s payments and monthly audits.

            Payments Reconciliations

            Tracking business expenses and income can prove out to be a tedious task but we at webdaksha ensures that it is an easy ride for you. We maintain date-wise documentation of all your business expenses and transactions through our advanced system that also compares your financial records with bank statements which ensures correct accounting. Through our services, we aim to provide you a strong sense of financial health and prevent any financial limitations.

            Monthly Audit & Sales Report

            Keeping a track of your brand's monthly audit and sales helps you evaluate the functioning and effectiveness of your business plan, Webdaksha’s team of excelled chartered accountants and financial advisors ensures that they boost your business through a plan that focuses on the distribution of the sales process and aid you to improve and excel

              P/L Report

              Creating a P/L report or a Profit and loss report helps a brand recognize their profit areas and analyze those that require improvement and also define tentative reasons for the same. Webdakhsa’s team of experts creates these monthly reports for your businesses that include details about the sources of sales and the components of cost of goods sold expenses. This detailed report helps businesses get a clearer picture of their internal functioning.

              Quarterly analysis report

              Webdaksha’s team of chartered accountants and financial experts provides businesses with a quarterly report that helps them to stay one step ahead by collecting and analyzing all their financial statements such as balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow statements. This detailed report helps the business to understand its areas of improvement.

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