Marketplace Management

Channel Management

At WebDaksha we have a pool of Google certified professionals, who provide complete solutions for the e-commerce marketplace. We deliver excellence to you and help achieve growth on multiple e-commerce marketplaces such as Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, and many. We expertise in managing 15+ such marketplaces and help you set up your business from front to end services that further helps to sell your products globally. The art and process of channel management help enhance your business and grow the brand’s visibility and sales. Our 24*7 virtual support service gives end to end solution and truly unmatchable with contemporaries in the dynamic market.

 Multi-Channel Inventory       Management

It’s a process by which businesses account for and track orders from various sales sources on inventory that is stored at multiple locations such as marketplaces and e-commerce. We all know that inventory is the heart of commercial operations, and it is important to seamlessly manage it across multiple channels to maintaining a competitive edge internally that translates into a strong customer experience externally. We at WebDaksha make sure that inventory data is always up to date, stock levels are never a surprise, and customer satisfaction is always high. In this process, we take care of the number of sales channels involved, the number of distribution options, the number of systems being used, and above all, interfaces between those systems. While performing the role, we make sure that inventory never runs out, there’s never too much inventory in stock, perishable goods don’t expire, damage, loss, or theft is minimized, and products are stored in good condition.

Content Creation

At WebDaksha, when we create content, we produce free and useful information to your target audiences, attract potential customers, and retain existing ones through quality engagement. The power of quality content is that it brings in 3X as many leads as traditional marketing and costs 60-70 % less. While creating content for your brand and products, we follow a set of rules, where we brainstorm content planning and strategies and then begins the content creation process via content tools then comes creating a content plan and finally, we analyze the content keeping the purpose in view.