What to look out for in an e commerce services company?

The Indian E-commerce industry is at the turning point of its life cycle where it has graduated from
its previous stage and moving into the next big game. Along with it, a host of other ancillary
services gained momentum because of the opportunities created by this industry.
One of the offshoots of this process is e-commerce services Provider who can provide 360⁰
solutions to all e-commerce needs of a seller.

Let’s take a look into what all services are provided by a good E-commerce service provider.
With the growth and expansion of e-commerce in India, a lot of e-commerce service providers
have mushroomed, but how to differentiate between good and bad? Have a look at the
following must-haves in these service providers:-

1. Experience in the industry– People who have worked with this industry since its inception in mid
2000’s will have better understanding of e-commerce because they have seen the trends in the
very early stage itself

2. Knowledge of industry– A thorough understanding of the in and out of all the major
marketplaces along with several minor ones, what is in trend and what is not, the changing
dynamics of all the marketplaces, new policies and a lot of other nuances.

3. Networking with the marketplaces– It’s mandatory to have networks inside every marketplace
because people working there could be of great help in boosting sales, telling tricks of selling,
pricing and positioning of products.

4. International Appearance– Marketplaces like Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.eu,
ebay.com, alibaba.com etc can give any manufacturer/seller an international exposure at a very
low cost which is otherwise a very difficult task through traditional methods.

5. Adaptability– A good service provider will mend according to the trend because a product is as
good as it’s requirement and rapid changes need to be inculcated in the overall parameters
affecting the product in order to keep up with the pace.

6. Dedicated team– If the company provides a team which is dedicated to your account specifically,
you cannot ask for more because usual practice is that a single team is over burdened with
different seller which ultimatley doesn’t bring any output.

7. Brand Builders– An acumen to understand the product and mobilizing it in the e-commerce
world is very important because it will help the seller in becoming a brand in the longer run.