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Ploughing a field that not only helps businesses to grow but also equips them to be market leaders is our primary goal at webdaksha . We aim at optimizing your online presence and helping your brand achieve Global recognition. From developing an efficient eCommerce platform for your brand to helping you market your products, coupled with industry expertise and vast e-commerce experience, Webdakhsha is your one-stop destination for everything
With an intent to bridge the gap between businesses and the online world, Webdaksha aims to market your products and services to prospective customers by creating content that is not just engaging but also consumer-focused. Creating new digital strategies, advertising campaigns, and monitoring customer engagement are some of the many jobs that Webdaksha does for you.

We at Webdaksha are a stern believer in the fact that ‘A website is the true reflection of a brand’. A smooth customer experience and a well-structured website layout are always our primary focus. We have expertise in creating websites that are functional, easy to navigate, regularly updated, and extremely user-friendly. Through our website, we ensure an adequate visitor-customer conversion rate that benefits your business.

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Anubhav Gupta, Managing partner, RIGO International

“With RIGO, my aim has always been to make it the topmost casual wear brand in India, and Webdaksha has played an integral part in this journey. The entire team is extremely cooperative and treats your brand as their own. Since 2015, they have been a great support in increasing our on-site traffic and helping us expand our audience reach. I look forward to working with them in the coming years too”.

Mr. Gunjan Lakhani, Managing Director Lakhani Armaan Group

“Lakhani as a company has been able to develop a prominent position in the footwear as well as the automotive industry over the years.Our association with Web Daksha proved out to be an integral part of this journey. The team has helped us grow by creating a strong online presence for the brand and ensuring we do not lag behind in the social media game”. The team is highly efficient and result oriented.

Dr. Ikshit Sharma, Vice President Director, AIMIL

“I started AIMIL with a vision to be the best Ayurveda-based pharmaceutical company globally but this vision alone was not enough in the current digital world. Webdaksha became our trusted partner and helped our company todevelop an online presence. The team was always up for new tasks and was efficient in recognizing the trouble areas and troubleshooting them accordingly, they have added a great value to the brand”

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