eCommerce Consulting

 Brand Store Audit

In the e-commerce world, where display and presentation are the most powerful means, we at WebDaksha work as your support system and keep a close check on examining the effectiveness of online products display and brand placement scrutinize the inventory and reflect the same on the platform, so that no bulk order is missed, and most importantly we ensure that you are presenting the best version of you.  All this is offered with accuracy through a set of advanced technologies managed and operated by us

Performance Marketing Audit

Wish to boost your business through digital marketing? Think of WebDaksha for a result-focused solution, as we offer the same through Performance Marketing Audit. We help you get the most revenue for the highest return on investment. This audit helps you review the performance of your channels, software, processes, and tools, to confirm whether they’re performing optimally or you’re leaving a missed opportunities on the desk. From analyzing the website content, product description to a dedicated SEO or website UX audit, we scrutinize every aspect with a motive to provide you with the data-backed confidence to quickly drive wholesale improvements.

 Onboarding & Migration

In the digital world, data has an impact on every business, regardless of the field or size they operate in. It helps you understand the nature of interactions and relationships between customers and businesses. Data onboarding is the process of collecting customer data from various offline sources to digital marketing applications and CRM platforms. We at WebDaksha take care of all 4 stages of data onboarding which involves ingestion, anonymization, matching, and distribution. This entire process of onboarding will help your business to have a complete view of customers and prospects.

 Industry Best Practices

WebDaksh is a one-stop destination for your e-commerce store management services. We provide you with an effective team, which runs your e-commerce business for you and follows the best of industry practices in terms of accuracy, efficiency, and result-oriented results. We divide the functioning and each team is held responsible for a result-oriented action plan. Our mission is for our client’s businesses to reach new heights and create a worldwide platform to run e-commerce giants providing the most efficient services.

 Funnel Improvement

Funnel improvement is a tool that helps you visualize your online path of success through four windows. We at WebDaksha become the guiding force that takes care of your throughout campaign right from creating awareness, which leads to consideration, results in conversion to a client, and then comes advocacy, loyalty, and retention. We as the guide, initiate to increase the number of prospects that enter the top of the marketing funnel and make sure to decrease the percentage of prospects that exit each stage of the funnel. With this, you will get to know, where you are losing customers, implement growth hacking tactics, and both of these together help you make the project cost-efficient.